How long does the procedure take?


Every procedure can vary according to individual consulting, artistry review, time for anesthetics to take effect, implanting of the pigment color and time for fine tuning.  On average, a client can expect to spend 1-2 hours at their procedure appointment.  Four to eight weeks after the initial application of permanent makeup, a follow-up visit may be required to perfect the lines of color. This takes less than half the time with no extra charge.


  • Janitorial Services - Initial Cleaning. Post Construction Cleaning
  • Carpet Care - Steam Shampooing. Water Extraction. Laying, Stretching & Removal.
  • Tiles - Buff, Strip, Seal and Wax. Marble, Parquet, Ceramic and Rubberize.
  • Blinds - Installation & Removal. Clean and Repair Vertical Window Blinds.
  • Pest Control - Subterranean Termites. Duck Ants. Roaches. Rats. Flies. Ants
  • Painting and Wall Re-Surfacing - Wood Care. Sand Blasting. Power washing. Decorative Finishing.