These are Real Clients Before and After Photos. The photo is taken immediately after their procedure
and may appear a little red or swollen. The colors will all lighten or soften when healed.

EYEBROWS         EYELINER         AREOLA         LIPS         HAIR & FACE


Before     After
eye-b-1.jpg     eye-a-1.jpg
Uneven patchy brows     Eyebrow heavy hair stroke technique
 i A2.jpg      i B2.jpg
Sparse thin brows     Eyebrow filled in and hairlines

QQQQ 1 Client wants brows more realistic.jpg

    QQQQ 2 Camouflage & Hair Strokes.jpg
Client wants brows more realistic     Camouflage & natural hair strokes
Eyes B4.jpg     Eyes A4.jpg
Flat, light brows     Full shaded & shaped slightly
Eyes B5.jpg     Eyes A5.jpg
Light & patchy brows     EyeBrow arched & shaded in
Eyes B6.jpg     Eyes A6.jpg
Brow client draws in large brows
    Brows corrected immediatley after & will lighten
Dark Hairstroke Brow 46.jpg     Dark Hairstroke Brow 47.jpg
Dark Hairstroke Brow 46
    Dark Hairstroke Brow 47
Brow Shape 25.jpg     Brow Shape 24.jpg
Brow Shape 23
    Brow Shape 24


Eyebrow Correction 9.jpg Eyebrow Correction 10.jpg Eyebrow Correction 11.jpg
 Eyebrow Correction 9
 Eyebrow Correction 10
 Eyebrow Correction 11
Client Permanent Brows 8.jpg Client Permanent Brows 9.jpg Client Permanent Brows 10.jpg
Client Does Brows Client No Makeup Client Permanent Brows


Brow & Liner After 63.jpg Brow & Liner After 64.jpg Brow & Liner After 65.jpg Brow & Liner After 66.jpg 
 Brow & Liner After 63
 Brow & Liner After 64
 Brow After 65
 Brow After 66

permanent makeup permanent makeup


  • Janitorial Services - Initial Cleaning. Post Construction Cleaning
  • Carpet Care - Steam Shampooing. Water Extraction. Laying, Stretching & Removal.
  • Tiles - Buff, Strip, Seal and Wax. Marble, Parquet, Ceramic and Rubberize.
  • Blinds - Installation & Removal. Clean and Repair Vertical Window Blinds.
  • Pest Control - Subterranean Termites. Duck Ants. Roaches. Rats. Flies. Ants
  • Painting and Wall Re-Surfacing - Wood Care. Sand Blasting. Power washing. Decorative Finishing.